What's new in ESET Endpoint Security / ESET Endpoint Antivirus 8?ESET Endpoint Security and ESET Endpoint Antivirus version 8 were released on December 09, 2020.

ESET, 7/Jan’21 — ESET Endpoint Security and ESET Endpoint Antivirus version 8 were released on December 09, 2020. [🔎]

New or improved features in version 8

“Solusi & Produk proteksi kejahatan siber dengan mindset baik dgn footprint minimal.” – by ESET

Menjelang tutup tahun 2020, ESET mempersembahkan portofolio menarik untuk perlindungan sistem cloud Microsoft.

  •  SECURE BROWSER  — The Secure Browser protects your web browser against other processes running on the computer. The idea supports the zero-trust approach and assumes that the computer or its protection capabilities are compromised or insufficient and does not allow to tamper with the browser’s memory space and, consequently, with the browser window’s content. Keyboard input is monitored and obfuscated to block sampling. With a single click, administrators can choose to include all banking and payment portals and completely take over the decision step, whether to protect the browser for certain websites or not. The feature itself is not active by default. For more information see Enable and configure Secure Browser in ESET Endpoint Security (8.x).
  •  Micro Program Component Update (MicroPCU) MicroPCU provides automatic updates of ESET products and reduces required maintenance. MicroPCU does not interfere with the running instance of the endpoint and loads new drivers, components, and modules only after the recommended restart. MicroPCU does not require an immediate restart. It upgrades rather than reinstalls your product, it downloads less data (differential), comes with a friendly or completely suppressible reminder for the user, and is compatible with managed networks. Additionally, it has an AUTO mode, which will update the endpoint as soon as the package goes through a successful global release.
  •  Security and stability updates Security and stability updates is an update channel for a critical hotfix. Hotfixes will be distributed automatically to supported versions (7.x and newer) in the future. They will undergo dynamic Quality Assurance processes and contain only essential modifications. These updates cannot bring broader changes such as new features (or loss of any), changes in End User License Agreement, or supported operating systems..
  •  WMI and full registry scan — Improves the registry scanning to discover and eliminate malicious references or dangerous content anywhere in the registry or WMI repository.
  •  Unified exclusions for IDS — The new definition steps for IDS rules provide a less stressful experience if the recorded network-level activities are hard to follow or analyze..

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