MDaemon®adalah salah satu portfolio produk unggulan dari ALTN Technologies, Inc – berfungsi sbg mailserver Windows™, menjadi produk unggulan disukai oleh banyak klien karena fitur & fungsi lampaui ekspektasi diinginkan dengan harga ekonomis terjangkau untuk bidang usaha/organisasi apapun.

 ALTN, 13/Feb’21  — Merelease MDaemon v21, berupa berupa perbaikan bug dan fungsi minor untuk memastikan sistem/aplikasi tersebut aman dan nyaman digunakan [🔎].

MDaemon 21.0.0 - February 9, 2021
[16456] Hosted email options with MDaemon Private Cloud are now available. To learn more, please visit:

MDaemon's XMPP server now supports persistent chat rooms, which do not need to be recreated every time all users leave the room. Configure them at Setup | Web & IM Services | XMPP.

When on the Quarantine, Bad, or Spam Trap queue screens in the MDaemon GUI, a right-click popup menu option was added to report messages to as false positives or false negatives. Similar options have also been added to MDaemon Remote Administration. The messages will be analyzed and passed along to third-party vendors for corrective action.

A GUI has been created to assist in running ASMC (ASMCUI). It allows you to store your options and recall them at a later time.

[22883] Added a way to see that a Note or Task has an attachment from the list view.
[22879] Added dialog to choose between editing an occurrence and editing the series, and another to choose between deleting an occurrence and deleting a series.
[22569] Added saved searches to the advanced search dialog.
[22571] Added saved search folders.
[23182] Added options to create a New Event, New Task, or New Note from a message.
[23240] Added the Scheduling Assistant to the Event editor.
[23401] Added Dropbox features.
[23429] Added autocomplete functionality to attendees, distribution lists (name field), and folder share users.
[23471] Added the Check Attachments feature.
[23472] Added the resend message feature.
[23486] Added Group By Company feature to the contact picker.
[23457] Added the MDaemon IM client.
[23551] Added keyboard shortcuts.
[23572] Added ability for users to view Mailbox Quota status in View Options dropdown.
[22852] Added the create All Unread and All Flagged saved search prompts.
[22155] Added support for message threading.
[23627] Added support for opening attachments in the browser in addition to the download option.
[23699] Added ability to drag list items to folders for move or copy actions.
[23707] Added right-click context menu to list views.
[23710] Made some visual refinements to the swipe right to delete feature.
[23718] Added a swipe left to toggle read/unread for the message list feature.
[23731] Added additional dialog options for Contacts and Calendar folders in Settings | Folders.
[23742] Added the ability to create a calendar event for the Anniversary or Birthday of a contact from the contact edit page.
[23743] Added a contact's picture to the contact list.
[23784] Added informational text to settings pages.
[23815] Added an icon next to the subject line in the message view for toggling the flagged state of a message.
[23836] Added an option use the auto-formatted date and time in the message list.
[23840] Added preview popup windows for contacts, tasks, and notes with an option to enable/disable them under Settings | Personalize.
[23857] Added ability to access the first two attachments of a message in the message list.
[23861] Moved the "Message Sent" alert to a non-intrusive notification.
[22342] Added Multi-Node Mail Routing, where mail queues are shared between the cluster nodes. Having multiple machines process and deliver the messages allows them to split the work more evenly and prevents messages from being stuck in the queues of any machines that are down.
[22218] SSL certificates are replicated from the primary to secondary nodes.
[23345] Queues on secondary nodes are frozen during the initial data replication, which improves responsiveness during startup.
[23668] Replication is paused as soon as MDaemon shutdown starts, eliminating clustering-related shutdown delays.
[23340] The admin is notified if the automatic update option is disabled when enabling the clustering service.
[24190] Cluster nodes may be added using IP address or DNS name.

[23352] Updated the styling of the graphs and reports.
[23438] Added the ability to view a typed password. Setting values that contain passwords are masked when requested from the server.
[23452] Moved Administrator Notes into Administrative Roles view for Global Admins.
[23426] Added Host Authentication under Setup | Server Settings.
[23420] Added Groups under Account Templates | New Accounts and updated Group selection to use a tree-based checkbox interface.
[23562] Added an option to enable/disable the show password feature.
[23550] Added the Explanation column to the Quarantine queue list.
[23516] Added additional information when the "Apply to sub-folders" button is clicked.
[23443] Mailing list names are trimmed of spaces when saving changes.
[9627] Updated the appearance of the status page tables and the disk usage statistics.
[11845] Added list filters for Config Files and Log Files.
[23794] Added Domain NAT Exemptions page under Security | Dynamic Screening | Domain NAT Exemptions.
[22429] Added ability to resize list columns.
[22088] Added ClamAV and CyrenAV configuration options at Security | AntiVirus | AntiVirus.
[23040] Added Test buttons at Setup | Active Directory | Authentication and Main | Mailing Lists | Edit | Authentication.
[20168] Added custom branding options for Remote Administration at Main | Remote Admin Settings | Branding.
[12032] Added a table of Domain Statistics at Main | Status that shows the Total Messages and Total Space used per domain according to the quota counts. This feature is only available in MDaemon Private Cloud version.
[15209] Added a "Restart Spam Filter" button to the Spam Filter | Spam Filter | Spam Filter page.
[16016] Added a way to display the password requirements in the case that the user must change their password before login.
[12472] Added ability to manage the RAW queues under Messages and Queues | RAW Queue.
[14565] Added ability for Domain Admins to manage Spam Trap. This feature is only available in MDaemon Private Cloud version.
[14727] Added ability to create custom links that are added to the navigation menu. This feature is only available in MDaemon Private Cloud version.
[23934] Added Webmail Custom Links manager at Main | Webmail Settings | Custom Links for GAs and Main | Webmail Custom Links for DAs.
[16769] Added options to set List Admin permissions levels.
[16966] Added "Create new Backscatter Protection key" button at Security | Other | Backscatter Protection.
[17000] Added the "Test" button at Spam Filter | DNS-BL | Hosts.
[16963] Added the "Send aggregate reports now" button at Security | Sender Authentication | DMARC Reporting.
[18033] Added a mailbox exclusions list at Main | Remote Admin Settings | Settings to prevent display of specific mailboxes in Reports.
[12541] Added "Release All" and "Requeue All" buttons to the Queue managers at Messages and Queues | Deferred Queue, Holding Queue, Quarantine Queue, Spamtrap Queue.
[16964] Added the VBR Certification Setup page at Security | Sender Authentication | VBR Certification "Configure a domain for message certification".
[11060] Added a directory browse button that can be used across several pages in MDRA by Global Admins.
[23941] Changed the name of Mobile Devices to ActiveSync.
[16859] Added a "Recommended" button to restore the recommended settings for the account Web Services page.
[23940] Added the domain level "Log Level" option for ActiveSync client settings.
[23987] Added a button to take users to the Dynamic Screening Logging Options from the Setup | Logging | Settings page.
[24228] Added the Edit Default Autoresponder file button at Setup | Account Settings | Autoresponders

[16490] Added ability to search for restricted files inside 7-Zip compressed files.

[6783] Autoresponders now support Unicode (UTF-8), allowing the text to be in any language.

[24068] IMAP filtering rules can now search the message body for particular text.

[22104] Added ability to attach an event to a new email from the right-click menu in LookOut and WorldClient themes, and from the event preview in Mobile theme.
[23667] All New Account Creation features have been removed.
[23701] Added an option to set the default calendar view for published calendars.
[22124] Added an option to skip the IP persistence check on a per user basis. In MDRA edit a user account, go to Web Services and check "Skip IP persistence check for Webmail sessions".
[14232] Added ability to search the CC field in advanced search.
[22176] Added an option to publish a free / busy calendar link in addition to a normal calendar link.
[23862] Added Maximum Messages sent per day to the displayed quotas.

[24021] Updated to SpamAssassin 3.4.4.
[24083] Removed deprecated settings in

[24119] MDaemon Connector has been updated to version 7.0.2.

[23920] Setup | Mobile Device Management has been removed and replaced by the ActiveSync Management dialog at Setup | ActiveSync.
[22670] The ActiveSync Client Settings screen has been removed. Customize client settings on the Tuning, Domains, Groups, Accounts, and Clients screens.
[23577] The ActiveSync Client Type screen has menu commands to whitelist and blacklist client types.
[23629] Added screens at Setup | Message Indexing for the configuration of real-time and nightly maintenance of the search indexes used by Webmail, ActiveSync, and Remote Administration.
[23435] Several plugins now share a common Diagnostics configuration screen.
[22653] Additional information is logged to the Plug-ins log.
[23829] Dynamic Screening allows 0 for recurrence penalties when blacklisting IP addresses.
[24129] Updated the text for the "Hide account" option at Account Editor | Settings.

[23824] The appearance of the XMLAPI documentation portal can be customized globally and by domain. See the "Changes and development notes" in the help portal (ie. http[s]://ServerName[:MDRAPort]/MdMgmtWS) or view the file \MDaemon\Docs\API\XML API\Help_Readme.xml on disk using Internet Explorer for more information. A sample company.mail directory is provided at \MDaemon\Docs\API\XML API\Samples\Branding.
[23736] Added Alias operation to simplify Alias management, resolve and report aliases.
[23642] Added FolderOperation Search action to search messages.
[22174] Added support for the Cluster Service to QueryServiceState and ControlServiceState.

[24179] When a message is sent between local accounts, both "in" and "out" archive copies will be created if both "Archive inbound mail" and "Archive outbound mail" are enabled.
[23802] The option to archive spam messages, which was removed in version 20.0, is back.
[24163] Spam messages released from the Spam Trap are archived.

[24196] Updated ClamAV to version 0.103.0.
[24287] Updated Cyren AV engine to version

[23724] ASMC supports new command line options. /LogLevel:UnsignedInteger : The logging detail level [Default = 1 (Debug)]. /GPI:UnsignedInteger : The number of minutes between when the global processing status is logged. [Default = 1 Minute].
[23936] WDaemon - The "Server" response header is now hidden when "Hide software version identification in responses & "Received:" headers" is checked at Setup | Preferences | Headers.
[23591] XMPP Server - Updated database backend to version SQLite 3.33.0.
[24127] AD Monitoring - proxyAddresses attribute values that do not start with "smtp:" are ignored.
[24202] MDaemon Instant Messenger - Added support for Slovenian language.
[23791] fix to incorrect API documentation for MD_DeleteAlias
[23711] fix to ActiveSync server may limit Sync Window Size to 100
[23692] fix to Cluster Service may not restart correctly when joining or leaving cluster
[23631] fix to 32-bit and 64-bit mailbox search databases differ in file format
[23597] fix to possible hang during cluster service shutdown
[23575] fix to ActiveSync - Overriding log level to None at non-global levels does not work
[23410] fix to F1 key does not open help on Dynamic Screening dialogs in the MD GUI
[23437] fix to MDRA - Dropbox - Clicking "Edit text of privacy policy" button results in access denied
[23434] fix to MDRA - No error when creating a gateway with the same name as your domain in Domain Manager
[23424] fix to MDRA - Mailing Lists Export not working
[23353] fix to MDRA - Public folder submission address not allowing non-existent local address
[23301] fix to Mobile theme - Unsubscribed calendar's events still show up when calendar was checked prior to unsubscribe
[20765] fix to Webmail - Sending via RPost no longer works
[20135] fix to MDRA - Search returning incorrect results for Recipients
[23725] fix to Mobile theme - compose text area is difficult to use on a mobile device
[23735] fix to Mobile theme - drag and drop attachments in compose view is hidden on desktops
[23744] fix to Mobile theme - Options | Folders - folder collapse button is too small on handheld devices
[23684] fix to Webmail - Calendar event editor might show wrong start and end dates and times
[20422] fix to MDRA - Everyone and MasterEveryone lists are not created when the setting is enabled and not deleted when the setting is disabled
[23817] fix to Mobile theme - Mark as Read on Preview setting not being honored
[9768] fix to LookOut theme - If you resize the preview pane to the very top of the window you cannot drag it back down
[23855] fix to Mobile theme - Sometimes the back button in the browser takes the user to the login screen
[23876] fix to Webmail - Some text is not translated
[23383] fix to Mobile theme - Calendar event drag and drop not working
[23872] fix to MDRA - the Download button does not work when viewing a log file
[23885] fix to MDRA - No configuration error when setting forward schedule to start and end on the same date and time
[23883] fix to MDRA - Clearing and saving Forwarding Schedule causes menus to disappear
[23891] fix to Mobile theme - On smaller devices, the View/Sort options are cut off on the left side
[23881] fix to AD monitoring creates incomplete alias list for accounts with many aliases
[23931] fix to Mobile theme - IMAP Filter - Folders containing non-ASCII characters are not displayed correctly
[23942] fx to possible MDStats.exe crash with long public folder name
[23944] fix to message with route slip may not be bounced immediately if the smart host returns a 5XX RCPT error
[23852] fix to incorrect deferred delivery logging
[23895] fix to CalDAV - with the Outlook CalDav Synchronizer plugin tasks are duplicated after synchronization
[23921] fix to MDRA - When you edit the External Warning message rule it changes the action to "then sign with private key"
[23953] fix to Mobile theme - Message Preview - Clicking details on one message causes all future messages to display headers
[23981] fix to MDRA - Changes to SPF whitelist do not take effect until MDaemon is restarted
[23985] fix to Webmail - Messages sent from Outlook do not print correctly in Chrome-based browsers
[24029] fix to Webmail - Remember Me only works for one device / browser at a time
[24042] fix to Spam Filter - queue-based scan is incorrectly interpreting the scan size limit
[24048] fix to MDRA - Editing domain settings for ActiveSync results in an exception
[24046] fix to Webmail - If AV engine is configured to not allow macros, Webmail reports that the attachment is infected instead of containing macro
[24009] fix to incorrect syntax in generated Authentication-Results headers
[23749] fix to Print/Copy in the MD GUI not always working
[24082] fix to Mobile theme - No error displayed when AV detects macro in uploaded attachment
[24079] fix to Lite theme - Double clicking on the Send button will send a message twice
[23990] fix to Attachment Linking may not extract files from HTML messages created by iOS Mail
[24097] fix to --pgpx not causing some emails to bounce back to sender as undelivered
[22967] fix to Mobile theme - No messages are displayed when Enable Message Snooze is disabled
[24128] fix to possible Account Manager UI crash
[23346] fix to Clustering - some notifications were not being sent between secondary nodes
[23162] fix to ActiveSync - the formatting of notes may be lost on iOS clients
[24176] fix to Mobile theme - The calendar translations are in Russian when English-UK is chosen for the user language
[24182] fix to MDRA - ActiveSync Clients list may be populated with other users' clients from the same domain
[24193] fix to trusted IPs are not exempt from RFC compliance check
[24184] fix to Lite theme - HTML messages appear blank in newer versions of Firefox
[24203] fix to Mobile theme - new features are not being loaded (old code is cached)
[24159] fix to Webmail - IE11 - Only 100 contacts in a Japanese Addrbook.mrk file are displayed
[24199] fix to MDRA - bottom half of mailing list member lists are highlighted in grey
[24197] fix to Content Filter - Restricted attachment actions not logged and notifications not sent when attachment extracted from rich text mail
[24218] fix to Cyren AV Updater - Updater does not always try to reattempt to download updates for certain errors
[24224] fix to MDRA - branding image uploads are failing due to caching
[24154] fix to "SMTP server requires STARTTLS on MSA port" is not enforced for AUTH command
[24229] fix to Mobile theme - Invalid parameters error being displayed to users
[24241] fix to MD GUI requires autoresponder end time to be after the start time even when the end date is after the start date
[24250] fix to Mobile theme - Mark as Spam and Mark as Not Spam do not work in the message preview dropdown
[24256] fix to MDRA - Dynamic Whitelist and Blacklist entries use the wrong time zone
[24270] fix to MDaemon creates "Tentative" meeting when it processes a "Busy" iCalendar invitation from Outlook
[24318] fix to Mobile theme - Unable to delete the first filter and wrong filters being deleted
[24405] fix to Autodiscover not working for Outlook IMAP accounts


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Selengkapnya Kunjungi ARCHIVE
UPGRADE (How-to / Step-by-Step Procedure)

!  Lakukan Backup sebelum Upgrade dilakukan.

#1 Pilih hari & waktu yg tepat untuk upgrade
   (disarankan lakukan pd akhir minggu setelah jam kantor)
   Proses upgrade butuh waktu sekitar (10-15) menit
   dan selama proses upgrade, sistem mailserver tidak bisa digunakan.
#2 (Pastikan) stop Service "MDaemon"
#3 (opsional) matikan sementara sistem antivirus selama proses upgrade.
#4 Jalankan installer dan tunggu sampai selesai.
#5 Lakukan testing kirim/terima email via: Webmail & MS Outlook.
   Pastikan semuanya berjalan normal dan stabil.
   Knowledge Base by ALTN Technologies, Inc (komersial)





perbaikan bug dan fungsi minor pd MDaemon v21.0.0 ini lebih memastikan sistem/aplikasi tersbt senantiasa layak, aman dan nyaman digunakan.

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