Aplikasi sinkronisasi data hibrid:

  • untuk: Windows, Linux dan MacOS
  • Realtime, diskedulkan, atau sesuai keperluan
  • Stabil, efektif dan berdaya guna.



Sistem Teknologi Data
( DTS / Data Technology System )

  • Multi Platform
  • Cloud Support
  • Create Multiple Jobs
  • Handle Complex Tasks

Extremely Fast Scanning

Syncovery’s multi-threaded folder listing algorithm provides an unparalleled speed, and easily handles millions of files and huge numbers of folders. Even more speed can be gained with our Destination File List Cache and Remote Service features.

Block Level Copying

This will help you save bandwidth as well as backup space [🔎]. Syncovery can detect changed blocks in large files, and copy only these. The detection works by keeping checksums in a database, or with the help of the Syncovery Remote Service, or by using our revolutionary File System Monitoring Service.
(the File Sytem Monitoring Service is Windows only).

Real-Time Synchronization

Real-Time Synchronization will make sure that changes are synced quickly. Syncovery listens to file system events and quickly performs the appropriate actions. For cloud servers, it can use polling to detect changes. These features are available on Windows and macOS only.

SYNCOVERY ™ adalah aplikasi untuk keperluan sinkronisasi (realtime/diskedulkan/manual) untuk keperluan backup/restore data dari/ke sistem penyimpanan hibrid baik ke penyimpanan data internal maupun external.


Tentang / SYNCOVERY ™

Perusahaan sistem & aplikasi untuk keperluan sinkronisasi data hibrid.

Didirikan oleh Tobias Giesen, di Jerman dgn nama perusahaan “Super Flexible Software GmbH & Co. KG”.

FAQ / Hal yg sering ditanyakan

Stabil, responsif, small footprint, berfungsi sempurna untuk sinkronisasi data untuk keperluan backup/restore (disaster recovery/contigency plan) terutama yg menerapkan strategi ketersediaan data hibrid via: on-premise dan public-cloud infrastructure.[🔎]

Sesuai untuk bidang usaha/organisasi apapun yg membutuhkan ketersediaan data realtime dgn uptime tanpa downtime, terutama yg mengaplikasikan sistem Contigency/Disaster Recovery dgn 4-2-2 (hybrid cloud).


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