ESET/ECOS ™ Cloud Office Security

Sistem proteksi komprehensif pengguna sistem cloud Microsoft

  • EMAIL pd Exchange Online
  • DATA pd OneDrive for Business
  • Manajemen IT terpusat


Cloud Office Security

Sistem Sekuriti Digital
( CCS / Cybersecurity System )


Notifications greatly improve admins’ efficiency by removing the need to constantly check the dashboard. When a potentially suspicious new activity is detected within ESET Cloud Office Security, it can send out an email to  notify admins or users  so that they are immediately made aware of the threat.

Automatic Protection

With this option enabled, admins can be sure that new users created within the Microsoft 365 tenant will be automatically protected without the need to go to the console to add them separately.[#]

Quarantine Manager

An admin can inspect objects in this storage section and decide to delete or release them. This feature offers simple management of emails and files that have been quarantined by our security product. On top of that, the admin can download quarantine items and investigate them with other tools locally.


Now using an enhanced, award-winning engine with improved performance, this essential component filters all spam emails and keeps user mailboxes free of unsolicited or undesired messages.


Scans all incoming emails and attachments as well as all new and changed files. This helps keep the user’s mailbox free of malware and prevents the spread of malware through cloud storage across multiple devices.[🔎]


Prevents users from accessing web pages that are known to be phishing sites . Email messages can contain links that lead to phishing web pages. ESET Cloud Office Security searches the message body and the subject of incoming email messages to identify such links (URLs). The links are compared against the phishing database, which is being constantly updated.

ESET/ECOS ™ adalah solusi terbaru menjelang akhir tahun 2020 dari ESET™ untuk perlindungan ekstra sistem cloud Microsoft terhadap kejahatan siber meliputi anti: spam, phishing, malware dengan 3-pilar teknologi mumpuni, LiveGrid, Machine Learning & Human Expertise.


Tentang / ESET ™

Perusahaan teknologi bidang perlindungan terhadap kejahatan siber melalui portfolio solusi dan produk terkenal ringan (small footprint) dengan pengendalian ampuh terhadap kejahatan siber terhadap semua platform O/S.

Operasional sejak tahun 1987, berpusat di Cekoslovakia, dengan produk awal NOD32.

FAQ / Hal yg sering ditanyakan

Berfungsi sebagai proteksi kejahatan siber bagi pengguna sistem Cloud Microsoft meliputi: DATA pd OneDrive for Business & email pd Office3655/Exchange online.

untuk semua sektor usaha/organisasi mengandalkan solusi cloud dari Microsoft meliputi: Office365 Email dengan OneDrive for Business.