• December 7, 2020
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  • Rekomendasi → UPGRADE
 NitroPDF v13.31.0.605 - 7/Des'20 (*) 



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 NitroPDF v13.30.2.587 - 11/Nov'2020 (*) 

Latest Version:
Release date:  November 11, 2020
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 Reliability when closing Nitro Pro has been improved, reducing the likelihood of crashes.
 Further enhancements to DPI scaling were made, resulting in a crisper UI on high definition displays.
 Significant improvements have been made in the area of PDF/A validation where documents contain transparent images.


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 NitroPDF v13.29.2.566 - 29/Okt'2020 (*) 

Latest version:
Release date: October 29, 2020

This release of Nitro Pro includes a new feature that 
enables users to summarize and export all comments from a PDF to Word.
Users working on screens with high resolutions and high DPI scaling 
will notice that documents are rendered sharper and the Nitro Pro UI
appears more crisply defined. 
Improvements are especially noticeable in the 125% to 150% scale range.
Rendering improvements on documents scanned using Zetafax PDF Conversion Library have been made with this release.
Significant performance improvements impact how quickly documents are opened and processed.
Users will now see a confirmation message when a file splitting operation is successful.
Nitro Pro’s startup time on protected networks has been greatly enhanced.
Conversion to PDF/A has been restructured and users will no longer experience any end of life warning when compliance is validated.
Users will now receive enhanced information while printing over RDP.
Working with iManage documents is now more stable—expired sessions reconnect silently, allowing the user to continue working and check the document in to  iManage  without breaking connection with the server.
When splitting a file by page number, the resulting file will utilize the correct page numbers.
We have updated our  Bugsplat  Policy with this release of Nitro Pro.


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(!) Resolved Issue(s)

- In some cases, when specific fonts are installed onto a users' machines,  
  Nitro Pro will crash. The issue has been resolved and Nitro Pro will
  behave as expected.
- In some cases, additional languages for OCR function, such as Japanese,
  Simplified Chinese, 
  and Russian caused Nitro Pro to crash. 
  The issue has been resolved and the OCR function can be used as expected.
- Some fonts were not recognized by Nitro Pro. The issue has been resolved and 
  larger range of fonts will be recognized.

(+) Updates & Enhancements

- Some UX improvements have been made for documents that contain XFA elements. 
  Users will be notified by a smart tip if such elements are found in a document.

OCR Improvements

This release of Nitro Pro includes enhancements to the OCR function, 
which turns scanned documents into searchable and editable PDFs.

- Increased performance; Nitro Pro's OCR function now processes much faster compared 
  to previous versions
- Increased quality of results when using OCR on scanned documents, including:
- More accurate recognition of text, including special characters
- More precise rendering of stylized content, such as 'bold' and 'italic' fonts
- Improved recognition of images and company logos

Worksite 9 Enhancements

- Improvements have been made to the overall reliability and functionality of 
  the Worksite 9 connector to Nitro Pro to deliver the best experience possible.
- Enhancements have been made in the area of Digital Signatures. 
  Digital Signatures will work as expected and will correctly recognize validation and 
  signature information for Worksite documents.
- Improvements have been made to the process of checking Worksite documents in and out. 
  Nitro Pro will function reliably when Worksite documents are being opened, 
  edited, and saved using check-in and check-out functionality.
- Bates numbering will work as expected for Worksite documents.
- Various other improvements have been made in areas such as saving, 
  file name inconsistencies, DeskSite improvements, and redaction.
- It is important to note that Nitro Pro 12.16 is the last build that will 
  support a Worksite 9 integration.

Compiler Upgrade / Okta

Nitro Pro users who use Okta as their Single Sign-On (SSO) provider to 
authenticate from within Nitro Pro will now be able to log in to 
Nitro Cloud, OneDrive 365, and SharePoint 365 from within Nitro Pro.

System Tray App - Discover Tab

This version includes a new onboarding experience meant to help familiarize users
with common features and tools in Nitro Pro. Located in the System Tray App (STA),
which is only available in Retail builds, the Discover Tab presents 
Nitro Pro's top 5 workflows and guides users through various steps to completion 
in an interactive sample PDF.
Users can also track their progress through the top 5 workflows in the STA's Discover Tab.

The top 5 workflows include:

- Edit Text & Images
- eSign
- Create & Organize
- Convert & Combine
- Review & Annotate

At any time, users can revisit the Discover Tab to get a refresh on how to 
use these key features in Nitro.


- Nitro Pro had an issue where a PDF file would not print if that filename contained 
  special characters, such as dots. The issue has been rectified and 
  Nitro Pro now prints files as expected.
- The usability of Nitro Pro's print dialog has been improved, allowing users to 
  access the Print button without scrolling.
- In some rare cases, Nitro Pro would produce blank documents, or 
  documents with content partially missing. 
  This issue was caused by fonts that Nitro is unable to recognize or substitue, 
  but has been resolved.

Known Issues

When using the OCR function in Japanese and Chinese languages, 
the end result is inaccurate and in some cases can produce symbols instead of characters. 
This does not affect any other languages.

 NitroPDF v - /'2020 (*) 



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